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your answer is EcoZap !

EcoZaptm is the ONLY scientifically tested pesticide on the market combining the double killing power of Boric Acid with that of Diatomaceous Earth. Two naturally occuring elements  scientifically proven to kill cockroaches and other insects! EcoZaptm is the economical DIY answer! No need for dangerous organophosphates! No need for special equipment! No need for expensive services! Ecozaptm is an easily applied grey powder, odourless, non- staining and less harmful than table salt - unless you are a Cockroach; that is!
We are not shy to produce the test results [note copyright!] as years of experimentation have gone into this seemingly simple, yet highly effective product and we believe this kind of information should be made public knowledge in any case - regardless of product! We are not afraid of competition, even with the foregoing information, there are enough cockroaches and other pests to keep us all busy.

Environmentally friendly

Not only is it highly effective, but EcoZaptm contains NO pyrethroids or organophosphates - this is good news for all of us realizing the bad side effects of those chemicals, many originally designed to kill humans in chemical warfare! EcoZaptm less toxic than table salt The active ingredient in EcoZaptm is Boric Acid which has a toxicity LD50 of 5140mg/kg which is less toxic than table salt, paracetamol, cannabis, aspirin and caffeine to name a few substances; notwithstanding widespread and unsubstantiated rumours to the contrary. Efficacy The efficacy of EcoZaptm in killing cockroaches, fishmoths and crickets has been proven scientifically. Further independent studies have confirmed the efficacy of Boric Acid in killing not only cockroaches but also termites, ants, ticks [page 8,12 & 13], mites, fungus and fleas  [page 312, boric acid very effective]; as well as this document. Apart from Boric Acid killing the insects from within by destroying their digestive system, we have added Diatomaceous Earth into the mix which acts as a desiccant, it has microscopic silica pieces which not only dry the insects from the outside, but cuts them to death. EcoZaptm kills most pests within 5 to 7 days. Cockroach nymphs [’babies’] seem to be the toughest and they are mostly all dead within 9 days, which means that the breeding cycle is disturbed and your problem should be solved! EcoZaptm is a contact poison, in other words insects must be able to get in contact with it. EcoZaptm kills the insects, it does not flush them to your neighbour from where they will come back to you as is the case with so many ‘quick- result’ remedies on the market! Long-lasting Unlike artificial poisons EcoZaptm will not evaporate after a couple of days or hours, it will still be effective for as long as it is there. The active ingredient has been given a ‘shelf life’ of between 2 years to ‘unlimited’, the majority of sources give it at least five years. But, as you remove EcoZaptm, by for instance cleaning out, you will have to re-apply it.